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Louis Kraml’s Medical Newsflash

The old depression studies led to results that made the psychologists think that women tend to get depressed much more often in comparison to men. Recent studies have shown that the depression risks are quite similar regardless if the patients are men and women. The old findings were (apparently) flawed because men kept the suffering for themselves, while women are more inclined to talk about the problems that they are experiencing.

The new study took into account factors that are connected to men behavior, like substance abuse, aggressions, and so on. Abnormal risk taking is another aspect that could signal depression in men, note the scientists.

Until recently it was believed that the risk for women to get depressed was twice as big as the risk for men.

According to the Louis Kraml News Site, the Electronic Health Record System has been successfully rolled out. The initial step of the program was supposed to target about 80-85% of the medical institutions until the end of the year, but it looks like these targets were reached several months ago. Close to half of million people are now using the electronic health record system, helping the medical personnel take proper care of the people that might not be able to remember all their medical history, as well as of those that are unable to give information.

An article in which Louis Kraml discusses Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia brings in good news: according to a recent study, standard medication that is usually utilized to keep high blood pressure under control could stop Alzheimer’s disease and dementia from developing. Beta blockers are, according to the study, the most effective medicines to prevent the deterioration of the brain.

Additional benefits have been found, with a much lower number of micro infarcts being at the top of the list. As the population grows, the number of people suffering from dementia is supposed to grow as well. Nevertheless, the study offers hope to the human kind, providing an easy way of keeping Alzheimer’s disease under control.

How to we deal with obesity? It’s a question that was once addressed to adults, but unfortunately it applies to our kids as well. Doctors recommend that our kids should spend more hours in the gym, but this is something that is easier said than done, when you take into account the fact that the doctors and the teachers are parts of two completely independent systems.

Will this (spending more time in the gym class) make our kids get poorer grades? At this point there aren’t any studies to prove that; in fact, it may even be the other way around, because the kids’ higher energy levels may make them be more efficient with their homework.

The Institute of Medicine recommends daily sessions of at least 30 minutes of physical activity for all the children.